Usage of compression therapy is essential in treatment various disorders, especially in venous and lymphatic disorders of the lower and upper extremities.
Pantyhose suitable for prevention and treatment of leg edematic disorders of different origin. After plastic surgery, surgery of the lower abdomen and genitals, there are recommended knitted bandages.
Compressive sleeves used to fix the joints and muscles of the upper and lower limbs to treat and prevent swelling. There are available a special arm sleeves dedicated for patients after onclogical procedures (i.e. after mamectomy)
A variation of medical compression stockings for prevention and treatment of different origin disorders like varices, venous ulcers, cellulitis, lymphedem, deep venous thrombosis etc. There are available stockings of 1st, 2nd and 3rd compressive class.
Compression bandages are an important part of treatment and prevention of problems associated with the functioning of the venous and lymphatic system. Pressure bandages are used for quick and effective fix certain parts of the body (chest, abdomen).
Special medical compression socks and stockings are positively affecting blood circulation, antiseptic and regenerative effect.