Optoelectronic 3D scanner
More than 5 years the Company provides research and development activities in the field of optoelectronic devices. The device scans the human body and with an accuracy of 0-3 mm and displays graphically the picture of the human body. The information obtained is archived. This enables evaluation of edematic disorders and thus initiate or tune up correct therapeutic procedures. Additionally accurate non-contact measurement facilitates the design and production of orthopedic medical devices (replacements), provides anthropometric measurement or measures BVI (Body Volume Index).
Compressive bandages for regeneration and sport
In 2012, the Company started development of new series of compression bandages intended for regeneration. In cooperation with sports clubs there are tested the most appropriate version suitable for regeneration of the body after physical exercise and daily activity. The new compression materials (developed by specialized international companies focused on In connection with the development of new materials and testing the technological process of production. A partner in this field are DEONA MEDI Ltd. reputable international company specializing in the production of advanced materials, focusing on elasticity, breathability, water resistance, UV protection, extreme lightness and grip.
Reflection of patient need in the area of lymphology
In cooperation with well-known lymphology clinic in Germany and the Centre for Preventive Medicine in Prague DEONA MEDI develops new variances of compression bandages for lower extremities DEONA SPEC (lipedema, lymphedema) and DEONA VENUS and as well for upper part of the body - DEONA WOMAN (after operations of breast for therapeutic or cosmetic reasons) . New products more accurately reflect patient needs, especially in case of lymphatic disorders.