About us


The company DEONA MEDI operates in the market of specialized medical manufacturing since 2001. In 2007 built a new facility on a greenfield. Production is focused primarily on health care and body shaping (MEDI), and since 2012 also a sports area (SPORT).
The Company is using modern technological procedures. To improve portfolio collaborates with renowned medical experts on clinics and medical research centers. The Company performs also own research and development i.e. device for optoelectronic measurement and scanning the human body; new types of compressive products etc. Operates both on the domestic and the foreign market.
Production is provided on knitting manufacturing technologies which are computer-controlled machines. New requirements for products and close cooperation with medical experts in the field of lymphology, phlebology, angiology and oncology contribute to the improvement of production processes and adapt to modern trends.


The Company offers compressive medical and sports products for preventive and therapeutic usage as well as for daily and sport activities. For each product selects appropriate and modern materials.
A prominent advantage of the Company is the ability to respond to individual requests of the customers. Through cooperation and communication with the physicians, the company is able to produce highly specialized and non-standard product variants (i.e. for burn medicine …)
The products meet the criteria for certification with the CE mark and its quality is regularly tested in an international Institute Hohenstein, Germany. Also meet the requirements of the internal quality management system according to ISO 9001, ISO 13845 and ISO 14001. These are all important success factors and reasons customer satisfaction.